Saturday, September 04, 2010

Regime in Iran and the fears of green movement continue..

1-For the past weeks until now ,once again regime reorganized its militia and repressive machinery to suppress the same people which brought them in power 32 years ago. At that time, the people wern't called enemy , but now they openly being called as enemy or rascals and regime is prepared and armed to teeth to do everything to stay a little more on power. How many more years they will have chance to run the country, no one knows, but surely it won't be long , if a year ago 4 millions people poured into the streets just in the capital city of Tehran , tomorrow definitely more people will join the protest against this regime. So the nightmare will stay in the beds of all regime officials for now.
2-As the " ghods " day of protest was approching , people called for protest against this regime and Karoubi one of the leader of the green movement said; he would participate in the protest , this brought fears among the regime officials and the regime's rogues attacked Karoubi's home almost every day for the last week. They have caused damages to the house and one of the body guards of Karoubi was hurt and was transfered to hospital . The rogues were chanting slogans such as "death to Karoubi", As a result of this karoubi's wife wrote an open letter to Khamenei for the consequences, Mr. Mosavi sent a message of support for Karoubi , leaders in the reformist movement and green movement sent their support as well.

3-"Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi" known as ayatollah " Temsah" or corocodile one of the hardline clergy in the Islamic regime and a supporter of Ahmadinejad government last Tuesday speaking to people in Khamenei's office ,once again attacked the leaders of the green movement and called them "Mahareb" meaning those who fight with god and he said "in the execution of Islamic laws, there is no space for democracy and human rights." .

He is saying this while he travels to Canada to visit his son who lives in Waterloo and is a student of Waterloo University.

4- Today (Saturday) regime's judiciary brought Shiva Nazarahari a journalist and human rights advocate , who worked tirelessly for the street childeren to the court and on Friday Iranian all over the world gathered in protest against the regime and in support of Shiva who is sentenced to death by the kangaroo Islamic court.shiva was brought from Evin prison to court. Shiva has spent more than a year in prison now.

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