Friday, September 10, 2010

Serfing the Persian websites for news from Iran:

1-The ancient Persian Human Rights cylinder was brought back to Iran for public viewing!
According to "Mehr" news agency , the human rights cylinder ( The first human rights charter) which was prepared by an order of Syrus the great on 539 BC was brought back from British musum (ancient Iran section) to Iran on Friday for exhibition. It is agreed between the British Musum and Iran Musum that; the cylinder will remain four months in Iran for public viewing.In the past only one time during the 2500 years celebration of Persian Kingdom the cylinder was brought to Iran for a few days.
Read more about cylinder:
About this news in Persian:

2-Shirin Ebadi : The European leaders must include human rights when talking about nuclear issues with Iran:
Shirin Ebadi speaking in European Parliament on September 9/2010 urged the European leaders to include human rights when dealing with Iran and nuclear issues, She also asked the European leaders to make effort and help to eradicate stonning and execution in Iran.

In her speech she said: the campaign should aim to eradicate the execution and stonning , not just focus few cases , because at present there are many awaiting the same situation as the case of Sekineh Mohammadi.

she believe that; despite of deaf ear by Islamic Regime in Iran on international protest against stonning and execution, we must continue doing the campaign about our values and the Islamic regime has signed the convention and is part of the convention so can't just ignor the protest.

Link to this in Farsi:,,5992988,00.html?maca=per-rss-per-all-1491-rdf

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