Saturday, October 30, 2010

Green reporters in Iran / Comments on the news inside Taxi's:Tehran is under heavy military presence !

Regime has created more than 2000 military check points on the streets in Tehran!
Since this morning Saturday Oct.30 , the city of Tehran is under heavy military forces and plain cloths agents presence.They stop cars and request for identification cards of the passengers which has brought heavy traffic . On more than 2000 locations in the streets in Tehran they have created chek points.When People and Taxi drivers reach to this chek points, they ask police forces; if it is martial law !? The police forces and agents stopping and searching the cars and identification of passengers.
Due to economic anarchy and almost on the verge of collaps, Labor unrest and protest is growing. In recent weeks reports indicate of protest by laborers, government employees , students and many other sector of society. Tension between government and parliament members as well as people are growing.

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