Thursday, November 04, 2010

Association of lawyers all over the world can help their colleagues in Iran, dont leave them alone! Iranian human rights lawyers need your support !

Nasrin Sotoudeh Iranian human rights lawyer is in dry ( No food ,No water ) hunger strike in Evin prison!

Nasrin is your colleague and sister , she is in prison because of her fight for the human rights of her clients !

Nasrin has been in prison since September 4,2010, and started her dry hunger strike from Nov 1,2010.

Today Thursday Nov. 4, her two childeren to gether with her husband Mr. Reza Khandan, childeren's grandma and Nasrin sister attended at Evin prison to visit Nasrin. The prison officials prevented the husband to see his wife but the childeren, grandma and Nasrin sister were able to see her and when returned, chideren were crying , saying the face of their mother was bruised.

In protest to the way her case is being handeled by the judiciary and because of the prison condition, Nasrin Sotoudeh has decided to go on hunger strike. In the past on October she had hunger strike for 27 days , she ended because wave of request from her colleagues to end the strike for her health reason.

Dont leave Nasrin alone, support her by writing letter to Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Iran judiciary power for her release or write open letter to her !

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