Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Regime in Iran trys to silence human rights lawyers !

Who else can question the Islamic judiciary system in Iran? If it wasn't these brave human rights lawyers then who could explain legal questions to public? But regime is trying to silence these lawyers.

According to news, On Saturday Oct. 30 ,2010, division number 15 -court of revolution sentenced Mohammad Seifzadeh the human rights lawyer to 9 years imprisonment and he has been banned from professional practice for 10 years.He was charged based on " activities against national security" for creating the Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran !?

Shirin Ebadi Iranian lawyer and the Noble Peace Prize winner who live in exile in a joint communique demanded the Islamic Republic regime judiciary power to end its illegal activities against lawyers.She said : These lawyers are being imprisoned only because they have defended the human rights and their clients.

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah and Abdolfatah Soltani are two other human rights lawyers who will face the same charges if UN human rights council won''t do anything.

So far Abdolkarim Lahiji Iranian lawyer and currently vice president of FIDH , Shirin Ebadi, Mohammad Mostafaei and many other Iranian lawyers left Iran because of persecution and live in exile.

Last week we read news about Ms. Nasrin Sotudeh another brave Iranian human rights lawyer who went on hunger strike inside prison and currently serve unjust sentencing.

Mr. Mohammad Oliaeifard is another human rights lawyer who is currently serving his one year prison sentence because of defending his clients rights.

All these are happening and the head of judiciary power Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is silence and live his comfortable life and no one can question him, well because , less human rights lawyers means less questioning the system and eventually less headache for him.



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