Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Parliamentary power under Islamic regime in Iran in question!?

For world parliamentary speakers: If it happened Ali Larijani the current parliament speaker with a delegate came to your country and bluff over his power consider the following message:

The question of whether it is the parliament to make laws and supervise the government or the government to make laws and supervise the parliament became the talks of the officials and public in Iran in recent months.

Before anything else to say, all members of the parliament including Ali Larijani the conservative parliament speaker believe that , Whatever Ali Khamenei says ,the members of the parliament must obey.This means an axe above the heads of members of the parliament including house speaker.This means the members of parliament are without power and whatever they wanted to say or to do about their constituency or country must be approved by Ali Khamenei.This means you are cautioned not to pass the red line in your mind!? Recently Mr. Karoubi the past parliament speaker and one of the last presidential candidate and another leader of the green movement told to members of the parliament especially to the speaker not to accept and bend to the supremacy of Ali Khamenei over parliament.

The recent months of dispute between parliament over the deadline for the government to present the draft /final annual budgetary plan which was ignored by Ahmadinejad's government last year and it seems this year too ( The government must present the annual budget plan by December 6 ,2010)angered the minority and several other "principalist" MP's and parliament speaker. This is not the only issue that Government ignors ,it ignors the laws and the parliament and... Ahmadinejad believes he is above the parliament and the parliament must obey the government.
Because of all these ignorance , several MP's made a petition to bring Ahmadinejad to the parliament for questioning.Speaking in the parliament Mr. Motahari a principalist MP told to the members that , there has been more than 50 signatures ( by law :1/4th of the total number of MP's can call any officials to parliament for questioning )collected from members and we have enough members signature to call Ahmadinejad for questioning !?
But .... who are these MP's when Ali Khamenei is backing Ahmadinejad and therefore violating the constitution.
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