Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Iranian students are preparing themselves for a major national day of student protest in Iran on December 7 and regime is scared to death !

Students have already started writing slogans on the walls !

Students of Qazvin International University have distributed thousands of leaflets and student publication on commemorating the coming of 7th of December the Student Day in Iran!
This is happening under intense security watchdogs. At present 15 students of Qazvin International University are deprived from school and education.
Adding to these are the Bahai students and God knows how many students of other universities all over Iran.

Why these students have no rights to enter into the universities or continure their education? Under what / which allegations the presidents of the universities deprived these students from entering into universities?
Where is Mr. Mohammad Javad Larijani's human rights?
Where is Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani's judiciary power and justice for these students?

In the leaflets ,the students said; they will announce their programs for December 7 protest.

in another news students of
Elmo Sanat
Science and research
Tehran University
amir Kabir University
khajeh Nasirodin tousi university
Alameh University
Shahre Kord
also distributed leaflets and announced for protest on December 7.

Regime knows that; students can generate a strong current which will burn all regime fuses!


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