Tuesday, November 30, 2010

According to "Iran newspaper" : Shahla ( Khadijeh) Jahed is hanged in Evin prison!

She was hanged, despite of seriouse question in the case file.!?

One of the question raised by criminal experts during the investigation was : How could a young woman strike another woman ( the victime) 37 times with knife?! And although she never admit the killing during all open court procedure,but one year later the judge of the case announced that; she had confessed the killing, but again ,when they brought her in the court , she didn't admit the killing .

According to report Naser Mohammad -Khani ( the famouse former soccer player )was also a suspect but...

According to reporter who spoke with Shahla, She said : "both, me and Laleh are the victims of the love and both of us loved Naser."

When again reporter asked her , if she wants to ask Laleh 's family to forgive her, she said: "No , because i'm not the killer. "

She was speaking on the phone with reporter when added : While in the cell alone , i will pray to god and will write a letter telling out one's grievances to my mom , I know the night before execution is painful and then ........silence.....crying.......and suddenly phone was cut off ."

We live in 21st century and we must say No human should be put to death anymore. May be Shahla will become a symbol to stop the execution!
Link to Iran newspaper:

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