Thursday, November 25, 2010

Iranian students are preparing a national protest on December 6,7 and 8 ! Because of this ,regime is scared to death !

December 7 is the national day of student in Iran. Student movement in Iran is well alive and kicking , especially on the butt of the regime which betrays to its own people and country.There are 3,000,000 million students according to the current statistic in all over Iran today . Iranian students are always in the forefront of the struggle against a regime that take its own people hostage to stay in power by increasing oppression. Students organization have released two statements this week and chose December 6,7 and 8 as the national days of protest.There is possibility that high school students will also join their brothers and sisters to protest against this regime on those days. Regime is scared to death and like all dictatorial regime around the world,trys to show off its para -military / "Basij" and "Sepah' forces in an obvious parade .
Since last year's protest by millions of Iranian against presidential election cheating and the fear of regime in losing its forces who may leave the regime by thinking about their future and therefore joining the people,Khamenei became talkative by speaking almost non stop promising the Basiji / Sepah forces with goodies or packages.Despite of security-inteligent atmosphere in Iran, today students have distributed leaflets and wrote slogan on the walls of university an indication of " University is alive ".


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