Saturday, November 27, 2010

A court in Nigeria on last Thursday brought Azim Aghajani member of Irans' para-military "Sepah" to court for trial on charges of arms delivery !

Since the overthrow of Shah by revolution in Iran on 1978-79 and the establishment of Islamic Republic, the goal and speeches of Khomeini as the leader of the revolution and his followers were to export the revolution and to establish their own circle in all over the world particularly among moslem nations begining with moslem in Lebanon , Palestine and Iraq.......
As a student activist in the Philippines at the time , i witnessed how embassy in collaboration with Iranian moslem student organization carried that strategy through its diplomate ( members of Sepah) not only among Filipino moslem in the south ( Moro National Liberation movement) but also among moslem in Malaysia , Indonesia and ........
Here we are , 32 years later they have learned how to continue carry that goal of creating their own circle, pupet / mercenarries for rainy days.Now, perhaps under different names, companies or diplomat and many other ways with bags of money strengthening the established cells.
Look at these pictures carefully and see how Nigerian moslems marching behind this guy.


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