Thursday, December 02, 2010

Shahla was hanged after spending 8 years in prison!

Iran newspaper reported:

Tens of reporter together with cinema and television artists were gathered in front of Evin prison from early dawn to find out what would be the destiny of Shahla Jahed.

Shahla was hanged after spending 8 years in prison.
After spending 3063 days in prison ,yesterday at dawn Shahla (Khadijeh ) Jahed was hanged in Evin prison.
According to reporter,at 3:00am yesterday and in the cold weather of the last days of Autumn on Northern Tehran's mountain, two prison guards transfered Shahla from her prison cell to a room. It was as if Shahla knew, the moment has arrived to say goodbye to her life,after entering in the room, she met the sentencing executioner judege, a representative of judiciary power, prison officials , coroner and few prison guards.while worried, she stood infront of them and quietely said hello. The sentencing executioner judge told her about her situation and judiciary representative asked her; if for the last time she wants to say something , then she cried and prayed and at this time the victims family together with Naser Mohammad -Khani [ IWC:
the famous Iranian soccer player who had temporarily married or made " Siqeh" ( An Islamic way of entering into a temporary marriage) with Shahla Jahed while married with the victim ]entered into the room.........
Then Shahla asked for paper and pen to write her testament, She wrote around three pages , mostly she spoke with her mom and in the letter she said: her part of the will, which is a land be given to her nephew and the rest of the belonging to be given to her mom and she handed her testament to Mr. Pour-Mokri the sentencing executioner judge. then she was guided out of the room and brought to the prison yard and one of the prison guard brought her to the gallows and the guard tried to put handcuff on her hands but Shahla refused and she said it is okay, the guard then put the rope in her neck and one of the victim's brother [IWC:removed what is called the chair under her feet.] During this time Naser's head was down.

In front of Evin prison and around Shahla's mom and family were tens of reporters, photojournalists and actor and actreses including Mahnaz Afzali,merila Zarei and Fereshteh Sadre-erfaei, they were also crying. They have come there to ask the victims family to forgive her but......
Then they saw Ambulance entering the Evin prison and laer the reporters announced she had been hanged ,it was 5:52 am.
the people present at Evin were calling another person as the real perpetrator /culprit on this matter.
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For the eradication of barbaric Islamic laws !
To end violation against women !
To end the death sentence !

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