Friday, January 07, 2011

Hands off from our Christian -Iranian community in Iran!

More than 200 years ago the king in Iran " Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar " in his attack to Georgia killed thousands of Christian people including priests, childeren and their families.
These kinds of behaviour continued among special people with special talent in revenge- barbarity in the society who does not want to open their eyes and learn from history. These people dont know nothing about modernity, culture , change and human rights.
According to " Mohabat News" , the security and intelligent agents of the Islamic regime attacked on the homes of our Iranian -christian families and arrested more than 60 people.
The attack was organized on Christmas day ( Saturday December 25th). In their attack at Iranian -christian families home the agents searched the houses and took with them the personal belongings including books and computers and CD's of the innocent Iranian -Christian people who were just having celeberation for their New Year.
This is unacceptable.
These kinds of violent activities (Intimidation and fear tactics)towards non moslem and even Sunni moslems are a clear violation of human rights.

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  • Hi

    Looking for 2 Iranian refugee girls, who came to Canada 1987 - aged 16 & 18. They stayed with us for 1 year.

    We were invited to their weddings later.

    We live at same address as 1987.

    Tell them to look me up on Facebook - Delma

    By Blogger delma, At 7:47 PM  

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