Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ahmadinejad has announced he will Celeberate Nourooz (The Persian New Year-March 20th )with world leaders !?

Say NO to Ahmadinejad's invitation!

World leaders should boycott this for extensive human rights violation by Ahmadinejad and his Government!

He has sent invitation for 12 kings including King Abdullah of Jordan.

Iranian people are organizing for their ongoing protest against Ahmadinejad and his Goverment in this coming Persian New Year.

World leader needed to know that ,people in Iran know Ahmadinejad as not their legitimate president. He was installed by a coup d' etat by Khamenei- 'Sepah" (national guard )in last presidential election against Musavi who was believed wining the election. He is known as lier , he looks straight into your eyes and tell lies. He is known as the most fundamentalist Islamist like Taleban regime in Afghanistan and he is follower of such "Ayatollahs"!? as Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi , Janati, Mohammad Yazdi, Ahmad Khatami, Hossain Taeb, Naghadi, Said Mortazavi, Rohollah Hosainian , Hossain Shariatmadari and so many other radical fundamentalist moslem who believe Islamic Republic must run by God and his representative Imam Khamenei and not people of Iran. He does not have a good past , people believe he was torturer in Evin prison and some beleive his hands are covered with opposition's blood.

There are so many other reason that the world leaders must consider before accepting Ahmadinejads invitation coming to Nourooz Celebration.

Say NO to Ahmadinejads Invitation. This is definitely a political gesture. He may be successful inviting a few moslem countries leader by deceiving them or ..... But even the moslem country leaders must say No to his invitation for reason of killing hundereds of Iranian peaceful protesters for the last two and a half years .

Ahmadinejad and his deputy Mr. Mashaei are trying to buy credit among world leaders which they have lost since the presidential coup and people uprising, they need this to get their government and the Islamic Republic out of isolation in the world.


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