Sunday, March 13, 2011

Government in Shadow !? The secret Government !? The main obstacle against democracy and Reformist- civil society Green movement !

Picture from right: General Firoozabadi, Aziz Jafari commander of "Sepah", Vahid the communicator between Khamenei's office with others speaking with Jafari and Ahmadi Moghadam head of police forces who is criminally responsible in Kahrizak murdering and sexual assault on protesters.

The green movement must reorganize itself . It should clearly rewrite its agenda and its vision and mission. It should focus on rebuilding its strength by expanding its social networking to wider range of socio-economic-cultural or political groups.

Green movement and reformists as well as other opposition groups in Iran are not facing just the government of Ahmadinejad , they are infact facing forces that are more demon. I mean the opposition in Iran are facing two real challenges one is the Ahmadinejad coup government and the other is the Government in Shadow or the secret government . The secret government is dedicated -fundamentalists or hard core fundamentalists . This secret government does not believe at all on people or election or parliament to run the country. One such theoretician is Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, who openly speaks about : "Who are the people to elect president , it is only God who should select and instal the president.". Same words also came from the mouth of Richard Nixon the contraversial watergate US president who told once about Chile that: "Even if the people of chile elect president i won't accept it".

This secret Government in Iran has aboundance of resources on economic ,technology as well as people.

Therefore reformists -Green movement and other Iranian opposition groups in Iran are facing more complex forces and to push them back , to corner or to defeat them ,they must build more strength .

"It is the story of mosquito or bees facing the spider web , for going through you must be strong."

Or based on a poem:

"When an ant fell into the anthil (copper bowl)- To get free ( to get out) ,it must find a way , not just use force "


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