Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iranian -Kurdish political prisoners in their 26th days of hunger strike!

UN rights investigator honourable Ahmad Shaheed must visit prisoners in the provinces & citys as well, particularly in Sistan and Bluchestan, in Kurdistan , Khuzistan , Khorasan ,Azarbayjan , Gilan and Mazanderan and see with his own eyes the prison conditions and facilities including the washrooms, bathroom, clinics and....

Three Iranian Kurdish political prisoners in "Rejaei Shahr prison" are on their 26th day of hunger strike. Alnoor Khezri, Kamran Sheikhi and Seyed Ebrahim Seyedi are the three Kurdish political prisoners who have started their hunger strike 26 days ago in protest to their prison condition and imprisonment.Apparently the prison officials have mixed these three political prisoners with criminal prisoners, prisoners who have commited murder,sexual assault or drug dealers and so on.These three political prisoners have spent more than two years in prison without knowing the charges against themselves.It has been said that; the head of Rejaei Shahr prison himself threatened the Kurdish prisoners to death. It has been also reported that; another Kurdish prisoner Kamal Sharifi is on his 30th days of hunger strike and his health condition is deteriorating. Mr. Sharifi is sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and internal exile to the city of Minab.Because of his health situation ,he was transfered to Minab prison clinic.Another report indicate that, three other Kurdish political prisoners of Rejaei Shahr prison are also mixed with criminals and their names are :Ramezan Ahmad Kamal, Davood Abdollahi and Ramezan Saeedi.


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