Monday, October 31, 2011

It is now clear that Khavari the managing director of Iran's Bank Melli is in Canada together with his family after escaping from Iran.For sure Mr. Khavari has many news and information about the corruption -Money Loundering - Money transfering to a list of different Iranian agents around the world-and regime's conspirecy against Iranian opposition around the world and particularly in Canada.It is in Mr. Khavari's interest to speak to Canadian Media as well as Iranian -Canadian community media about the corruption and regimes network or agents here in Canada./End

There are news that other people involved in this financial embezzlement ( Mehregan Amirkhosravi )is also in Canada after escaping Iran to Turkey and via Turkey to Canada and Living in Montreal together with his wife Tooba Abdollahzadeh Siahkali and their childeren.
According to "Hafteh" an Iranian community publication in Montreal which first reported about Mr. Mehregan Amirkhosravi and his family , his 18/19 years old daughter "Heyva" who is a student in Montreal University has a house worth close to one million dollar. One wonder how much his son's ( Hirad) house wortht of ?!!
Link in Farsi:
Mehregan Amirkhosravi is brother and partner of the company known as "Amir Mansour Arya" economic development company.
Mehregan Amirkhosravi together with his three other brother : Mah Afarid Amirkhosravi ( is the accuse dnumber one and is arrested and is in prison in Iran),Mardavitch Amirkhosravi ( is in Iran), Masoud Amirkhosravi ( He is now living in America). These four brothers were partner in the company./end

News from Iran-
Alef website reported:
Tomorrow Tuesday Nov.1, 2011 Mahoud Ahmadinejad and his cabinet Minister of Finance Mr. Shamsoldin Hosseini will attend in an open Majles ( parliament )session . The Mp's called Ahmadinejad's minister of Finance for impeachment on the recent financial embezzlement and his handeling and role in the situation as the Minister of Finance in the Islamic Republic Banking system.Ahmadinejad in the past few weeks was warning every officials /authorities not to enter in the red zone (according to him, his cabinet was the red zone)questioning or impeaching his ministers . Now the red zone has been breached by MP's, i wonder what Ahmadinejad will do tomorrow in the majles?.Apparently he is behind his ministers and thats why he is going with his Finance Minister to Majles to defend him .
The MP's on a petition with 22 signature called for Finance Minister's impeachment and it will happen tomorrow in an open majles session .
Link to this news in Farsi:

In the past Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic in his speech on embezzlement called for harshest punishment for those involved in 3000 ( $3 billion Dollar )Billion Tuman financial embezzlement.
Big fishes related to high ranking officials usually scape from prosecution and infact get better positions sometimes. One of these big fish who was involved in this embezzlement is Mr. Mohammad Jahromi the Managing director of "Iran's Bank of Saderat". He is the son inlaw of Ayatollah Nategh Noori the past majles speaker and member of the Assembly of Expert and past head of Khamenei's office.

From past post on IRAN WATCH CANADA:
In another news Mr. Ali Akbar Javanfekr media advisor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: The parliament and the Judiciary Power acted carelessly in embezzlement.According to Fars News Agency ,Mr. Javanfekr said that ; the 3000 billion Tuman embezzlement is the result of carelessness on the side of Judiciary power and parliament.Because the accounts auditing and inspector general supposed to do their job and they were careless.Mr. Javanfekr also disclosed about a corrupt business deal by"Sherkate Maskan va Sakhtemane Jahan " ( Jahan residential building construction ) which works under the city of Tehran (City Hall in Tehran). Mr. Javanfekr believes that; this company is also using unhealthy and corrupt way of business, doing damage to countries economy.
Read more in IRAN WATCH CANADA on this issue.

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