Monday, November 14, 2011

Journalist was arrested for reporting on explosion!

Iranian journalist Hassan Fathi is arrested for speaking with BBC Farsi news about explosion!

On last Saturday in one of Sepah's ammunition barack in suburb of Tehran ( Alborz region) huge explosion occured which shook the residents in villages around and as well Tehran the capital of Iran.As a result of explosion and as reported 17 member of Sepah ( Revolutionary Guards )lost their life and one of those killed was a commander- major general Hassan Moghadam and many are also believed wounded.Mr. Hassan Fathi was invited from Iran by BBC Farsi to attened in pannel discussion via phone about the explosion.According to Fars News agency Mr. Fathi was arrested after speaking with BBC Farsi. Mr. Fathi is arrested on charges of "Publicity of lies to disturb the peace and public order ".

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