Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Minister of economy apologize for 3 billion Dollar banking fraud in impeachment sessionof Majlis

Khamenei in his speech on Financial embezzlement asked officials and media not to stretch the story!!??? here we go weeks after speech ,the story is top news and among Iranian people as well!
Watch the video as pro and against MP's speak on impeachment of Mr. Shamsoldin Hosseini the Minister of Finance in Majles - Ahmadinejad accompanied the minister and spoke in support of his minister.At the end Ali Larijani the speaker of the parliament together with many other Mp's particularly those known as member of " Jebheh Payedari" voted against impeachment. Out of 144 MP's present 93 voted Yes for impeachment -141 No and 10 abstention.Ali Larijani the parliament speaker spoke in support of Minister of Finance/End

In public session of Majlis on Tuesday 1 November , members spoke against and for impeachment of minister of commerce and the minister apologize the nation and Majlis for his carelesness in his job . Ahmadinejad will defend his minister after those speech and Majlis will vote for or against the minister . Watch related Related videos HERE and HERE .


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