Thursday, December 01, 2011

Those who have attacked on British Embassy in Iran were Basijis & Revolutionary Guard Militias !

Just a note:

The Islamic Republic regime in recent years and months was under strong economic pressure from western countries particularly from US and Britain and their allies. The IR regime was also under continous pressure from UN security council and UN human rights council . The Islamic Republic Regime in Iran and its top officials including revolutionary guards were listed as human rights violators and their assets are freezed by many European countries in recent year and months.All these efforts by western allies brought the think tank officials to a decission making for organizing an orchestrated protest to the British Embassy in Iran. Therefore,Those who have attacked the British Embassy were the Basiji militias -Same basiji militia were involved in killing and wounding or arresting the green movement protesters almost three years ago after the presidential coup in Iran.Since pro-regime media called the attackers to the British Embassy as students , one must look carefully on the pictures and videos released and are available in Youtube.Some of these attackers are regime subsidized Basiji militia saying that, i wanted to separate these students with the vast majority Iranian students who are against the current Islamic Republic regime in Iran and supports green movement.


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