Monday, July 09, 2012

News from Iran :
News from Iran indicate about the rise in political-economical crisis in the Islamic Republic. The rise of Foreign and internal political crisis since the presidency of Ahmadinejad seven years ago up to now ,The deepening division among the Islamic Republic officials and Islamic religious personalities (Some of the Ayatollah's like Ayatollah Sane-ei, Dastgheib, Musavi-ardebili,and ....  )and young Muslims,even among current officials and their children.
Economical crisis ,devaluation of Iranian currency , rise of inflation, rise of basic food and shelter prices , closure of factories /industries ,unemployment , labor unrest ,almost daily workers protest ,arrest and detention of labor leaders.
the rise in corruption among officials.
the rise in execution ,arrest and detention of political activists,human rights defenders , journalists and writers  in the Islamic Republic regime in Iran.

In short , Iran is facing bitter events in the future.Not good at all for my people ,Not good at all for my country.!    

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