Thursday, July 05, 2012

The phenomenon of independent Journalists and bloggers in Iran and the fear of Islamic Republic from them !

There isn't a week,sometime even days goes by without the arrest of a blogger or journalist in Iran !
News indicate that ;the security agents of the regime have arrested Ali Moslehi an Iranian journalist from the city of Kashan.According to the website of "Jaras" ,Mr. Ali Moslehi is a supporter of Green movement. Mr. Moslehi was arrested on Wednesday and there is no news on his situation.According to "Jaras" in recent days several journalists , student activists and political activists have been summoned or arrested by security forces.
IRAN WATCH CANADA: It needs to say that; the public prosecutors office are located inside prisons and public prosecutors are not only interrogators but torturer as well.Like Said Mortazavi  and ....
It seems some of the judges and public prosecutors in Iran are members of  "Hefazat Etelaate Sepah " and " Ministry of information" too.

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