Sunday, October 07, 2012

Iran, Social explosion.........When?!

Ahmadineja's Government : Government of Corruption ,Government of big lies and Government of Coup d'eta .........
According to a report Government with 400,000 Billion Tuman cash in hand, unable to control the US dollar prices, In recent days it reached to 3500-4000 Tuman a dollar,
Based on an official report created inflation up to 23.5 % and more ( Unofficial report shows close to 30%- 50% ),
Workers who earn just 400,000 Tuman /monthly.....
Poverty line in Iran is 800,000 Tuman income /Monthly    
Things are getting though for ordinary Iranian people. A single mother or a man with family have to spend 3000 Tuman every day just to put bread on family kitchen table.
This is happening while the Government's earning in its seven years office from Oil revenue was up to 600-800 Billion dollars.
Government of Corruptions:
In Ilam Petrochemical Company 440 Billion Tuman,
Embezzlement's from "Sepah" , "Saman ", "parsian" , "Sanat va Madan" Banks embezzlement.
"Iran Bimeh" co. embezzlement 1,250 Million Tuman
"Bonyade Shahid" Embezzlement 15 Billion Tuman
"Hormozgan " Bank embezzlement Tens of Million Euro .
Ministry of Interior Embezzlement 21 Billion Tuman
In These embezzlement top Ahmadinejad Ministers and officials including Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Rahim Mashaei, Hamid Baghaei, Ebrahim Azizi,Kamran Daneshjou, Morteza Tamadon and .....


To be continued.....

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