Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The war of words continue against the way Ahmadinejad runs the economy and Government rose to a new level !

News from Iran-
Ali Larijani leader of Majlis ( the parliament) on speaking with "FARS" news agency on the way Ahmadinejad handles economy and runs the Government said :" Running the economy Robin Hood style isn't working / 80% of our country's problems are from mismanagement."
He spoke on that because,the coup d'eta Government of Ahmadinejad ruined the economy. close to 40 years ago i was student in the Philippines and the US dollar compare to Iranian money was : $1= 7 Tuman
now it is $1= close to 4000 Tuman . Devaluation of Iranian money happened mostly during last year and particularly in last few months. Ahmadinejad blames Judiciary power and Ministry of Information for mishandling and not helping the Government.

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