Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Photo and film maker of "Seda va Sima " took refuge to US !

1-Mr. Hasan Golkhandan is the film maker of "Seda va Sima" ( The Islamic Regime Radio & Television network ) who together with more than 100 officials accompanied Ahmadinejad to UN General Assembly meeting in New York last week. Ahmadinejad's delegate to UN cost Iranian people 11 Million Dollars.The  news circling around says ,Mr. Golkhandan took asylum in US. Before leaving Iran to US ,Mr. Golkhandan's family also left Iran to Turkey. Now ,we have to wait and see what Mr. Golkhandan is going to say about Ahmadinejad and the Islamic regime in Iran.He definitely have many things to say.

2- The editor in chief of "Maghreb "Newspaper is arrested and detained because of publishing this picture ( Picture of Seyed Mohammad Khatami the former reformist president ).

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