Thursday, October 11, 2012

Islamic regime in Iran continue to take family members of those killed in 2009 protest against presidential election fraud and those of political prisoners as hostage!

If there was less censorship and if there was freedom of press and if most of the reformists media was publishing today and again if independent journalists were free today instead of being imprisoned and if there was no intimidation and threat against reformists and human rights advocates, or journalists, then we could go for fishing and find out how many of family members mysteriously killed or threatened or silenced or taken as hostage in order this regime run the country as it is doing in the sake of all the above.
But to show just one example and that is ; The father ,mother and aunt of young Iranian Behnoud Ramezani who was killed during 2009 peaceful protest against presidential election fraud were arrested and sentenced by prosecutor of Mazanderan province Mr. Asadollah Jafari and court of revolution to 8 months imprisonment ( in the case of Behnoud's dad and mom ) and 4 months imprisonment (in the case of his aunt ). And the irony is ; they were arrested because they wanted to hold memorial for their loved one. Regime's security together with judiciary officials asked family not to hold any event and keep quiet but Behnoud's family ignored the threat. I bet you ,if independent journalists would investigate on this issue ,there would have been thousands of cases,this regime violates Iranian people's basic rights and take the oppositions family as hostage.According to Behnoud's father,Behnoud was attacked by motorcycle riders ( Basiji's) on the night of last Wednesday of the year celebration ,they broken his hand,foot and neck of his testicle was also damaged and died .Behnoud's dad says he will follow his son's case until he finds the killers.
Behnoud was mechanical Engineering student of Noushirvani industrial University of Babol.


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