Tuesday, June 11, 2013

03 Days to Presidential Election in Iran ......Focus on Iran....

These are in the news.....

Mohammad Khatami the former reformist president in a letter annouced his support and vote for Hasan Rohani .
Mr. Aref in his website wrote: On the evening of Monday ,i received a letter from Mohammad Khatami the leader of the reform who advice me not to continue my campaign.
Mohammad Reza Aref  one of Reformist candidate withdraw from election ......Now that he withdraw, Hasan Rohani became the only candidate close to reformist .

Gholamali Hadad Adel from fundamentalist camp also withdraw from election. In this camp, Velayati,Jalili and Ghalibaf are left to continue the campaign.

Mohammad Gharazi is another candidate who has no chance in this election.

The revolutionary Guards or " Sepah " commanders and Ministry of Information continue their threat against Rohani's campaign.

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