Saturday, June 08, 2013

06 Days to Presidential Election in Friday June 14 .....Focus on Iran ...

This picture shows Khamenei's son Masoud behind the curtain, while khamenei speaking to the gathering ......

In the 3rd and last televised debate among candidates ,following points were mentioned or discussed :

1-Mr. Mohammad Reza Aref candidate close to reformists said :
In recent days i attended at Bazar ( Old Market place) and spoke with people . While there ,i was informed that two young men who were chanting : "Greeting to Aref and greeting to Khatami " . These two young men were later arrested by security / plain cloths forces and i followed their cases and later they were released.
In another case, i was in another host/organizer of the event was later arrested and up to now,no one including his family know on his whereabouts.Mr. Aref also mentioned a case that security forces prevented people on distribution of a poster with the picture of Hasan Khomeini,Khatami and Aref  together.
2- Mr. Hasan Rohani and Mr. Ghalibaf engaged on critical argument about past repressive policy of the police forces in 2003( Mr. Ghalibaf was commander of police force and Mr. Rohani was member of national security council) against protesting students.

Mr. Rohani said that , Ghalibaf was asking permission from national security council to attack on student like "pliers style".Mr. Rohani said , i don't think like " Garrison style " and i didn't act garrison style , i'm not a colonel  ,I'm a lawyer and......
3- Mr. Hadad Adel a fundamentalist candidate in his debate more and more blamed on past reformist government of Khatami and criticized Mr. Aref and Rohani's views about continues repression by security / plain cloths forces and their coducts against reformists candidate and he did not believe this is the case and asked them not to blackmail the system. Mr. Hadad Adel in this debate showed he is in line with his son in-law ( Khamenei's son and Khamenei ) and wants a future fundamentalist Government like Jalili's to become president.
4 - In this debate the fundamentalists candidates ( Velayati, Hadad Adel , Ghalibaf and jalili  )showed they are not united but candidate close to reformists ( Rohani and Aref) showed more in tune and united.
5- Gharazi was angry of candidate and believed candidate should not dig the past issues ( Like what Ghalibaf and Rohani said in debate) and said, can this discussion help people , this is a quarrel between two candidates. I Think this won't help.He was more worried people know more about the truth.


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