Friday, June 14, 2013

News from Iran....

1- This morning some of the opposition website were targeted by a group called as " Unknown Cyber Jihad".
The targeted website were : human rights , Khodnevis , Resa TV, " Jebhe Meli, Saham News , Edalat Baraye Iran, Arash Sigarchi, Al-ahvaz, Rahe Azadi, Sedaye Ahvaz, Ostan Ban , Iran Global, Ahvaze Azad and few other websites were hacked .

2- According to ISNA ( Students News Agency) up to now 5,211,245 vote were counted.

Hasan Rohani  with 2,720,144 vote is in first place
Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf  with 903,389 vote in 2nd place
Mohsen Rezaei with 536,725 vote in 3rd place
Ali Akbar Velayati with 305, 529 vote in 4th place
Seyed Mohammad Gharazi with 65,934 vote in fifth place.

3- Regime calls people's participation in voting a victory for itself . In this election more people stayed away from voting.Even religious reformists were divided and many did not vote this time . While regime remains in its weakest ever , it is very obvious by playing game and creating a kind of tactics in election to stay more on power.

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