Wednesday, June 12, 2013

02 Days to Presidential Election in Iran ! ...Focus on Iran ....

These are in the News Today:

Can Hasan Rohani represnt reformists vote? 

1- Hashemi Rafsanjani in his latest dialogue with youth announced his support and vote for Hasan Rohani . On his disapproval from candidate list by Guardian Council he said: Minister of Information played role attending at Guardian council's meeting and forcing them to disapprove me.

2- At present reformists now have one candidate to vote ( Hasan Rohani) but fundamentalists have five candidate to vote (Velayati,Jalili,Ghalibaf,Gharazi and Rezaei).We will see in next two days who from this camp will withdraw from the list.

3- A Kurdish political prisoner sew his mouth in protest against the prison policy of the prison official and prison guards. A human Rights organization reported that ;Mohammad Hosein Rezaei a Kurdish political prisoner in the city of Minab sew his mouth in protest against prison condition and prisoners situation , went on hunger strike since June 4th. Because of his protest,the prison officials throw him into the solitary confinement and banned his connection with his family.

Election under Islamic Republic of Iran is not free. Instead it is undemocratic on principle reasons.There are saying that, this election has been channeled or engineered by ministry of information and " Sepah " ( Revolutionary Guard ) under the guidance of Ayatollah Khamenei and Guardian council  to achieve maximum people participation and their own goals.What was the role of Mr. Rohani in national security council during student uprising? Yesterday Rafsanjani said ; Minister of information attended at Guardian council's meeting forcing them to disapprove me from the list of candidate !!! Ziba Kalam a professor and political analyst yesterday said; The national Radio and Television is supporting Mr. Jalili a fundamentalist candidate.Many political parties and independent personalities are unable to participate in the election because of repression and nature of election. Four years ago this regime cheated the election and by coup named Ahmadinejad as the winner and put Mr. Musavi and Karoubi both presidential candidates under house arrest. These are just a few to name...


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