Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Group of Young Iranian In a Video Clip known as " Happy " are Arrested ! Under Islamic Regime You are ought Not to Be Happy!!???

Under Islamic Regime You Are Ought Not To Be Happy !!!???
In recent weeks a video clip was released which showed a group of young Iranian dancing with the music of Pharrell Williams known as "Happy" on roof tops of the houses in Tehran. These young Iranians were just exercising their basic human rights . In fact they are so talented and made a very nice video clip but the Islamic regime is a regime does not tolerate these type of freedom and therefore arrested all the boys and girls in this video clip.
You can watch this video clip here:

Kianoush Ramezani an Iranian cartoonist living in Paris and his cartoon on this video clip :

Their arrests was reported by Islamic Regime's Television. See this video clip here:

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