Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Babak Abazari Manager of Nasira Publications : I was threatened with overrun by car !

Babak Abazari is a poet and publisher and the manager of the "Nasira " publications. His publishing firm was also part of the Tehran Book Exhibition but was ordered to be closed by Ministry of Guidance.

Speaking with" Akhbar Rooz " website ,He said; during and after the closure, he was threatened by security forces because of displaying some books . He said; I thought the threatening will end, but instead it was increased and i had the fear someone may attack at me , in this situation and for my own safety i decided to leave Iran. I was told by plain clothes security forces that, we are selling the poetry book of a counter revolutionaries living in Los Angeles ( Amir Mohebian) and they threatened me with overrun by a car . They also threatened they would revoke my publishing license , they asked me to keep quiet and not to speak to any media , and  to publish some religious books for now until they will find out about my views. He says, the officials in Ministry of Guidance told him that his case file is with security forces and he does not know who they are , but believe they may be are from Sepah intelligence.
We are facing a dual power struggle in Iran and the regime is trying to show things are beautiful but deep inside it is not. More than 100 books did not get permission for publication and many publishing company's are closed because of censorship.

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