Wednesday, May 07, 2014

" Ghanoon " Newspaper is Shut Down in Iran !

According to news "Ghanoon " ( Law) newspaper is shut down by an order from public prosecutor of Tehran .

The reason for closure is because of a report on Mr. Mohammad Royanian's release from prison.
Speaking to IRNA news agency ,Mr. Alireza Nikouei member of the council on political policy of the newspaper said;  We have received the closure letter today wednesday and we are going to follow the case and it will take three months to lift the order.

"Ghanoon " newspaper had reported earlier that, Mr. Royanian an Islamic official who was summoned to the court due to corruption charges , was released from prison on a 100 Billion Tuman bail.

Link to this news:

In the past also Ghanoon newspaper was the target of the fundamentalists members of the parliament for an article about an attack by these MP's on Mr. Alavi the Minister of Information .

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