Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Book Censorship Under Islamic Regime in Iran......

Recently the Islamic regime held its Tehran Book Exhibition. The book exhibition is held by Ministry of the Guidance . Aside from many book which did not get the chance to this exhibition due to censorship, but one particular book which was written in English by an Iranian scholar , historian and professor Mr. Ervand Abrahamian and was translated by Iranian lawyer and human rights defender Naser Zarafshan also did not get the chance to the exhibition. This book was called " The Coup ". It is about the 1953 coup by US and British intelligence MI6 & CIA.
Ayatollah Ahmad Janati in Friday prayer told to the officials in Ministry of Guidance that , the ministry of Guidance must pay attention that ;" the ministry of guidance is Islamic" and "should not allow un-Islamic books in its exhibition", and the ministry must over view the cultural product and not propagate  western culture in exhibition .

This book is a history book, written on Coup in 1953 by US and British against Mossadeq nationalist government and the return of Shah from exile. US and British help for the return of Shah's dictatorship in Iran. 


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