Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Islamic Regime in Iran Using Chicken Facility for Women Prisoners !?

Human Rights Violations -  Islamic regime in Iran is keeping 2000 women prisoners in a inhuman Chicken Facility without proper health and safety.
It was report in the media more than three years ago when for the first time Gharechak prison in the city of Varamin was named as women prison . Since then almost all criminal women prisoners from Evin and Rejaei Shahr prison were transferred to Gharechak prison in the city of Rey . Among these criminal women prisoners there were a few women political prisoners who were transferred from Evin prison including Hakimeh Shokri and Atena Farghdani. It was these women political prisoners who have first brought the issues of this prison in to the radar  . This prison is made up of several chicken cages with intolerable air quality and conditions. This prison is in fact a big area with lack of proper roof and wards and no healthy environment. 

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