Monday, February 16, 2015

Jafar Panahi Iranian Film Maker : We Are Not Allowed to Show Our Film in Iran !

Jafar Panahi the international award winning film maker who was arrested two times after the presidential coup in 2009 and is sentenced to six years imprisonment and 20 years ban on film making  and is banned from leaving Iran says, we are not allowed to show our film inside Iran and the Islamic Republic has a political view on Cinema & films . Jafar Panahi's recent film " Taxi " on Saturday won the Golden Bear from the 65th Berlin International Film Festival . Jafar Panahi was unable to attend the Berlin festival to receive the award, instead  his niece who have also played in the film attended at the festival and received the award.

Mr. Panahi in response to an Iranian film & cinema official ( Mr. Ayoubi) who have sent a letter to organizers of Berlin film festival and told them that; Panahi is free and is not allowed to make film ( while he is making his films)  but by showing his film the Berlin film festival making the Islamic Republic bad to the audience .
And Jafar Panahi in response to Mr. Ayoubi said; Mr. Ayoubi talks beautiful but still we are not allowed to show our film inside Iran .

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