Saturday, March 28, 2015

HRANA ( Iran Human Rights Activist Group) : Mostafa Azizi An Iranian resident of Canada is in Evin Prison !?

Mostafa Azizi a writer and a TV series producer is arrested and detained and currently is in Evin prison .
According to news from HRANA ( the human rights activist group), he is arrested one month after his arrival and he is currently in Evin prison . He had spent some time in a section in Evin prison called :" Bande Do -Alef" ( Section 2A ) which is under " Sepah " ( Revolutionary Guards ) control and the judges handling his case is the infamous Judge Salavati .
He is been charged with : Insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic, Association & conspiracy and Activities against the state .

Mr. Azizi is a resident of Canada and was visiting his family members when arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic.
Mr. Aziz is a published writer and has 30 years of writing and working experience in TV series and animation production .


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