Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Burial Day For The Young Iranian Man Who have Set Himself to Fire becom A Day Of Protest Against Islamic Regime in Iran !

Younes Asakereh was just 31 years old and a vendor/ sales man ,whose vending fruit selling machine was destroyed by the municipal officers . Younes was a resident of Khoramshahr a city in the Persian Gulf area and he was married with two children .
According to report on March 14 ,2015 one day after his vending machine was destroyed by municipal agents , he set himself to fire in front of the Khoramshahr city hall.
As a result of the degree of burning, he died on Sunday march 22.
During his burial procession on Monday March 23 , thousands of the young people from Khoramshahr city chanted " Harba- Harba " meaning Freedom , Freedom . The burial event became a protest against Islamic regime in Iran.


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