Friday, March 13, 2015

On March 12th, World Day against cyber-censorship, Reporters Without Borders is launching the "Collateral Freedom" operation, one of the largest counterattacks ever undertaken against censorship online, and is unblocking 9 websites in 11 countries.

Reporters Without Borders is using the technique known as “mirroring” to duplicate the censored sites and place the copies on the servers of Internet giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. In these 11 countries that are “Enemies of the Internet,” blocking the servers of these Internet giants in order to make the mirror sites inaccessible would deprive thousands of companies of essential services. The economic and political cost would be too high. Our nine sites are therefore protected against censorship.

Discover all about the mirror sites created by Reporters Without Borders and the techniques to circumvent internet censorship.

Internet belongs to everyone.
Free the information!

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