Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Islamic Regime in Iran Hanging Six Kurdish Political Prisoners !

According to report on Tuesday regime has informed the family members of these six Kurdish political prisoners in Rejaei Shahr prison in Karaj city to come from Kurdistan to Karaj to say good bye to their prisoner( Loved one)  because they will be hanged by early morning Iranian time .
The family members together with Mr. Nourizad and Narges Mohammadi both human rights advocates gathered behind the walls of the Rejaei Shahr  prison to demand to stop these executions.
Mr. Nourizad speaking on phone asked everyone to help send letter to the leader of the Islamic Republic and ask him to stop the killing of these six Iranian-Kurdish political prisoners.
More than one hundreds riot guards entered in prison to remove these six prisoners from the rest and transferred them to an unknown location for execution.

To hear the crying mothers behind prison wall - while Mr. Nourizad speaking on the phone , please click the link below .

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