Thursday, February 26, 2015

Younesi : The Human Rights Violation in Iran is Because of the Radical Elements are on high position ????!!!!!

Clergy Ali Younesi the Advisor on ethnic and faith based minorities to president Rohani ,  and a former Minister of Information in previous government, on speaking with IRNA reporter on Wednesday said :
"The radical elements on high position are making problems for the Government , therefore we must get rid of these radical elements from those top positions. He also added that , the radical groups are not under any organizations . 
On the diplomatic problems with Canada  he added :
In relation with the incidents of Zahra Kazemi ,we have all the documents which shows who were behind that incident , and of course , the justice of God were executed on some of those who were behind the case , and that incident was  the personal will , which we still have  to pay the price for it .  


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