Friday, February 20, 2015

Despite of International Out Cry To Stop the Execution of Saman Nasim ,But Islamic Regime in Iran Executed this Political Prisoner!

According to a report made by Kamal Hoseini an independent journalist with Radio Farda , in a telephone conversation he made to Saman Nasim's brother , the brother was said , they were told to go on Saturday ( Tomorrow ) to pick up the body of his brother and his personal belonging.

Saman Nasim was a political prisoner and a member of Pejak ( An armed Kurdish group) .

There are news that two other political prisoners also been executed together with Saman in Orumieh prison.

According to International organization ,at the time of trial Saman Nasim was only 17 years of age.

In addition the Islamic Regime in Iran has executed two other political prisoners , Habib Afshari and Ali Afshari two brother members of Kumeleh Kurdistan political party. The report by International Campaign against Execution has confirmed this . According to Campaign the ministry of Information called Afshari's family and told them about the execution on early Thursday morning.

Security forces in Iran threatened both family members not to speak to anyone .


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