Wednesday, February 18, 2015

" Nohe Day " Paper is banned from publication !

According to news the " Nohe Day " paper went under investigation by media watch dogs and according to them , the " Nohe Day " paper violated the media by law . The publication was charged for " insulting the Khomeini " and violating the "nuclear issues" policies  .
The publication in one instance wrote : " Every steps of Zarif ( Meaning Mr. Zarif the foreign minister negotiation about nuclear issues with 5+1 ) destroys 100 Kilo Grams of saved Uranium ".
In another instance It wrote that: Mr. Ali Akbar Velayati ( The former foreign minister) for  continuing the policy of Rafsanjani , forced Imam/ imposed his policy on Imam  ( Khomeini ) to agree with peace and accept the resolution 598 ( to end Iran - Iraq war ).
The publication is also charged with blackmailing Mr. zanganeh the oil minister of Rohani Government for corruption.

Based on the past violations of the paper and the current one, the case file of  the paper is sent to the court for judiciary procedure.


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