Thursday, February 19, 2015

In an Attack By Security Forces on Bahai Citizens in the City of Tehran & Isfahan 14 Bahai Are Arrested !

According to a report on last Tuesday evening at least 14 Bahai citizen ,seven women and seven men in the city of Tehran and Isfahan are arrested by security forces of the Islamic Republic regime and there are no news on their whereabouts .
These Bahai's are :
In Isfahan-
Shiva Aghsani,
Peyman Atefi
Negar Sobhanian
Kousha Rahimi
Nika Rajabi

In Tehran-
Mona Aqdasi
Shayan Kowsar
Kavian Dehghan
Aref Dehghan
Houshang Dehghan
Mona Mehrabi
Elham Karampisheh
Safa Forghani
Mehrdad Forghani

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