Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani said in her interview with Le Figaro About Individual Freedom and Media Freedom During Rohani's Presidency !

Le Figaro: Did the individual freedom and media freedom which was less during Ahmadinejad presidency became better now ?

In this regards the situation became worse when Rohani was elected . The state released some of the political prisoners and journalist after the election of Rohani as president. But right now we are witnessing that the newspapers are banned and the journalists and the political prisoners are being sent behind the bars. The state demanded that the media should not say anything or write anything about Mohammad Khatami , which is an illegal act, and this is while he did not say anything about the regime change , this short coming on freedom is because of the opposition of the Majlis ( Parliament ) . When in the city of Isfahan few elements pour acid on the women faces and no one were arrested , is not a good sign, but one must not come to conclusion that, despite of all these disappointments, the fall of the regime is close , undoubtedly we face with enormous difficulties, but no one is for a new revolution, even after 2009 events ,the people  are just for changes.


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