Friday, February 27, 2015

Iranian Teachers Planned A Nation Wide Protest on This Coming March 01,2015 - On Stopping the Spread of the News About This Protest ,Regime Decided to Filter all the related Websites .......

According to news , Iran teachers union asked all the teachers from all over Iran to go on protest on this coming March first. Because of this , regime decided to filter ( not making it available )  all the related website they suspect will be reporting or monitoring the protest.

 Iran teachers union released a statement about this coming protest  on  " The Teachers & Workers  Rights " website. The statement says: The teachers in Tehran will protest in front of the parliament and asked teachers from all over Iran to protest in front of their related Government buildings in their city's .

This protest is going to be a " Silence Protest " .
And the protest is about the difficulties workers face with the Ministry of Education.


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