Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Radical Islamists in Iran Ambushed On A moderate MP's Car in the city of Shiraz !

The car of Ali Motahari a moderate MP son of the late Islamic philosopher Ayatollah Motahari was ambushed by a group of radical Islamists in the city of Shiraz. Radical Islamists backed by Radical Ayatollah's Like Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and Mohammad Yazdi ( the current head of Assembly of Expert) , Ali Janati , Seyed Ahmad Khatami and......are present in every city's and they are very well organized and they do what ever told them to do by radicalizing  and creating fear in the society.  These radical ( ISIS style ) Islamists in Iran have the full protection from law and have full impunity for the crime they commit.

This happened last week and the thugs armed with stick and stone , pepper spray , tomato and ....ambushed the car of MP Motahari in the city of Shiraz where he was invited by university scholars to deliver a speech.
What Mr. Rohani's moderate Government will do? Why the Government don't create a task force  against this kinds of acts? Is the Government going to show its teeth someday ? Iranian people's safety and security is under continuous threat and they are fed up with this criminal elements .


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