Friday, April 10, 2015

MP Motahari : It Is Clear From Where Those Attackers Were Organized !

Recently Ali Motahari a moderate MP was attacked by a group of fundamentalist Islamists in the city of Shiraz . Mr. Motahari was there for an invitation by University of Shiraz to deliver a speech but were attacked and the Taxi which was carrying him was smashed and the angry attackers were armed with clubs, sticks and tomato charged at him and did not allow him to reach to the university .
On that issue, Mr. Motahari said , it is clear from where those attackers were organized. Therefore , the explanation of some of the security council is confusing , they say, there is no security , but people who are working under their supervision  are the one violating the security .  Mr. Motahari says : Well, come and manage it and don't let it happen . The duties of security council is to bring safety / security not to violate the security  and to cancel my program in university.
Although some of the attackers were arrested but released later on bail , Mr. Motahari says, some of the executive officials of the province are also in the list of accused .
It is believed that ,the report of this incident is going to be send to president for his recommendations.


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