Saturday, June 20, 2015

Islamic Regime in Iran Sentenced Mohammad Ali Taheri the Imprisoned Leader of the " Erfane Halgheh " to Death !

According to news and based on what Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei lawyer of Taheri said his client Moahammad Ali Taheri is sentenced to death by judge Moghiseh the judge of branch 28 of the court of revolution for alleged crime of " Corruption on Earth " .
He added : All that my client Mohammad Ali Taheri did was based on the permission he was given and therefore there  was no reason in the case file for such sentencing but now they have sentenced him to death and i have not received yet the verdict.
In February of this year 16 member of the " Erfane Halgheh " group were sentenced to a total of 37 years imprisonment and 130 million Tuman confiscation of properties.
Mohammad Ali Taheri is the founder of the " Cultural -Artistic Erfane Halgheh "  a kind of medical scientology group .
They believe people's suffering can be meditated by their methods.


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