Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lets Not To Forget Them ……..Bahai Leaders Spent 7 Years Out Of 20 Years Imprisonment Sentence !

Mahvash Sabet

Why they must spend 20 years in prison just for their Faith and belief / religion ? …….We are talking about 20 years of life in a prison cell !!??……… and the president of this regime attends in UN and talks about helping to bring democracy in Syria and Yemen ….!!!!???? or speaking about defending the rights of minorities from the ruling majority…..!!!???
UN Can't continue its policy of tolerance and silence …………Member countries with human rights value must have booed when this president spoke about defending the rights of minority from the majority rule …..and………
The world is becoming more dangerous than ever if UN keep silence to all these injustices in the world. 

Saeed Rezaie
Vaheed Tizfahm
Fariba Kamalabadi
Behrooz Tavakoli
Jamalodin Khanjani

Afif Naimi

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