Sunday, October 04, 2015

Atena Farghdani The Imprisoned Cartoonist Was Forced For Virginity Test On Suspicion For Having Unlawful Sexual Relation With Her Lawyer Mr. Moghimi !!!???

Excerpt from a report by " Justice For Iran" -
Atena Farghdani the imprisoned Iranian human rights activist and International award winning cartoonist who was sentenced by Islamic regime judiciary to 12 years and nine months prison sentences , was forced for virginity test by judiciary due to a meeting she had with her lawyer Mr. Moghimi in June this year and the judiciary right after that meeting opened a new file for her , allegedly on an unlawful relationship with her lawyer and was forced for a cheek up on her virginity and pregnancy test  . Her lawyer also spent three days in prison for this action . According to Islamic law, unlawful relationship "lower than the adultery" can have a punishment of up to 99 lashes. Both Atena and her lawyer Mr. Moghimi attended in a closed door court recently. Because of this new judiciary allegation and in protest Atena Farghdani went on three days hunger strike .
Atena was arrested on September last year and spent time in Evin and Gharachak prison and currently is in Evin prison.


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